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Sell Fossils on eBay

This is potentially a very profitable area with PowerSellers worldwide specialising in primarily beach finds and other items bought in from treasure hunters and people disposing of their collections.

There’s a special category for ‘Fossils, Rocks, Minerals’ under ‘Collectables’, with other items sometimes available under ‘Jewellery’ and other categories where the original fossil, rock or mineral has been worked into some other product type.

The main Rocks/Fossils/Minerals category splits into:



Lapidary Materials



Mineral Specimens



Other Rocks/Minerals

Fossils/Rocks/Minerals is a massive subject area, well worth an encyclopaedia in its own right, so we’ll focus on Fossils here and leave you to grow a business selling just one element of this profitable trio before moving on to selling rocks and minerals later.

Fossils are simply the remains of plants or animals that lived a long time ago or the evidence of them. They include: Shells, Bones and Teeth, Fossilised Footprints and Burrows, Leaves and Seeds, Tree Trunks and Branches, Fossilised Animal Droppings.
On eBay currently most popular are Dinosaur Eggs and Sharks’ Teeth, alongside several other main fossil sub-categories: Ammonites, Dinosaurs/Reptiles, Fish, Insects/Amber, Mammals, Plants, Shark Teeth, Shells, Trilobites, Other Fossils.

Currently most popular search terms for fossils are: fossil, fossil ammonite, fossil fish, fossil shark, fossil shark tooth, fossil women (!!), fossils.


* Many high priced specimens are listed BUY IT NOW at hundreds or even thousands of dollars, some listed in the seller's eBay shop, meaning tiny listing fees. But fossils are unique and, like all unique items, somewhere there's a buyer for even the highest priced item. If you can afford to wait for money, Buy It Now is a good option, especially in your eBay shop.

* Look for fossil enthusiasts who don't want to or lack time to market on eBay; offer to sell their finds on commission. Alternatively, learn about fossils and become a finder yourself. You'll find lots of useful information, including Fossil Collector Clubs you’ll read about in collectors’ magazines available at most newsagent shops.

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